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Magnetic and Valuable Safe Storage

We know that fire strikes without warning!! But we also know there will be no warning of the theft or copying of confidential data or documentation.

Overnight, a company's most expensive assets, research and development could fall into the hands of unscrupulous competitors, with potentially catastrophic results.

The Phoenix 4623 fireproof safe has been certified for 120 minutes fire protection for digital and magnetic media, paper, cash and valuables. The safe has an insurance rating of £2,500 for cash and £25,000 for valuables. The double door construction of the 4623 ensures that the internal temperature of the safe doesn't reach 52°C, the critical temperature at which data (floppy disks, photo negatives etc.) can begin to deteriorate. The safe is also fitted with two layers of water resistant sealant, giving your contents an extra line of protection.
  • 120 minutes fire protection at temperatures of 1090°C
  • Overnight insurance rating: £2,500 cash, £25,000 valuables
  • High security electronic lock programmable with users own code up to 16 digits
  • Main compartment: Certified to NT Fire 017-120 Paper
  • Data compartment: Certified to NT Fire 017-120 Diskette
Delivery and Collection:

For clients that wish to use this service, we can deliver and collect from the client using secure lockable cases.

We will provide the client with a case, the client loads the case with their storage material and insert their own secure number on the locking device on the case. We will collect the case from the clients premises and exchange the full case with another empty case.

Upon arrival to our secure premises, we will then call the client for the number to the case and the contents are then stored inside the safe.
Also if a client prefers, we can supply the case and never open it, but just store the case itself within the safe.

Maximum Data Capacity:
Media Type Media Dimensions Quantity
3.5" Diskette 93 x 90 x 3.6mm 12,656
DC2000 86 x 66 x 18mm 2860
Video 8 102 x 70 x 20mm 2090
4mm DAT Tape 80 x 60 x 15mm 3944
8mm DAT Tape 68 x 105 x 20mm 1938
CD Rom 142 x 125 x 10mm 1880
Sysquest 99 x 98 x 10mm 2547
Zip Drive 100 x 100 x 12mm 2508
Jaz Drive 135 x 135 x 20mm 684
DLT Cartridge 110 x 110 x 30mm 924
LTO 110 x 114 x 30mm 924

Please note:
The quantity represents the maximum number the data protection insert will hold is filled completely with that particular type of media.

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